Central Park NYC in seconds


Central Park is one of the biggest tourist attraction sites in New York City. Local tourists frequent the Central Park NYC. It is also a place where the shooting of movies and TV shows takes place. There is a lake in the middle. There are quite some activities that tourists can engage in every time they visit this site. The Central Park is also huge hence it is advisable always to get a map before you start exploring it.  The map would mainly show you the different attractions, activities to engage in and the various routes in the park. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Central Park NYC include:

The Zoo

In the Central Park NYC, there is a zoo the host’s various wild animals which include the ones found in Polar Regions and the tropics. In this park too, there are equatorial rainforest houses that host a broad range of monkey species and birds. This is a tourist attraction for students, families of even scientists.

The Strawberry Fields

The fields are another tourist attraction in Central Park   NYC. It serves as a memorial to John Lennon who was murdered tragically in the park. There is a mosaic set in the pathway that has an inscription of the word ‘imagine.’ This term refers to John Lennon’s song. Millions of people In NYC frequent this attraction to take photos with the memorial.

Conservatory Garden

This garden is the only formal garden n the Central Park NYC where many tree and shrub species are found. It is usually calmer than other places in this park since there are no cyclists found here. This is where most wedding settings and shooting of TV shows takes place. It is the only place in Central Park NYC you can visit if you want to experience a calm environment.

Loeb Boathouse On The Lake

This is a restaurant that offers indoor services. There is also a seating area outside where you can sit and watch people row boat s. The water is usually calm, so it is safe to hire a boat and ride around the lake. Other citizens in NYC visit this restaurant to take pictures that are used in weddings and some events that are formal.

The Mall

It is among the best tourist attractions in Central Park NYC. It is pathway under a canopy of trees that offers relief from the busy streets of NYC and also offers a calm environment for you to meditate while taking a nature walk. People also visit this attraction to skate or stroll.

Conservatory Water

Most people refer to it as boat pond. The water is calm. Most people go there to raw, different models of boats. Since there are benches on the shore, other tourists visit this place from NYC to watch as people row boats. This happens throughout the year regardless of the season

If you are in NYC and you are looking for a place you can experience and enjoy nature at, Central Park